The Company is testing its high purity graphite concentrates at independent test facilities in Europe, Japan and the USA.

Spherical graphite has been produced from early generation 95.86% TGC concentrates. These concentrates easily made 99.98% purity spherical graphite from conventional milling, spheronising and purification processes.

Current spherical testing is with 99.2% TGC concentrates, which are expected to produce higher specification end products and minimise acid consumption at the purification stage. Our ambition is to eventually replace the commonly used acid purification step with an environmentally cleaner process.

  • Conventional acid and thermal purification methods have been used to make 99.95% TGC spherical graphite
  • Thermal purification has achieved up to 99.9999% purity graphite
  • Battery cell testing using Mahenge spherical graphite is returning outstanding results
  • Long-term battery cycling tests are underway, indicating exceptionally low degradation